Monika Wesselmann Art

Sculpture, Painting, Drawing


The (…) impulse to draw derives from

the human need to search, to plot points,

to place things and to place oneself.

from Bento’s Sketchbook (John Berger)

John Berger said this about drawing, but to me his words seem to be just as true with regard to the other artistic disciplines and the artistic processes.
My ambition: To make art that engages with imagination and perception, the strange and the familiar; that appeals, that questions and that also has an aesthetic quality.
My sources: Mainly the Conditio Humana in the world around me: expression of thoughts, feelings, experiences.
My path: I explore thematic aspects for two- and three-dimensional works in depth, investigate the potential of materials, embrace the accidental in the working process, and create an interplay of imagination, chance and concept.

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