Monika Wesselmann Art

Sculpture, Painting, Drawing

War and Peace

at the Undercroft Gallery Norwich, 2015

THE STREAM OF HOPE – by Monika Wesselmann

The context
Within the theme of “War and Peace”, the aspect of HOPE is of deeply profound importance, as hope is the motor of any human ability to continuing their lives even in the worst times of war, destruction and inhumanity. With my sculpture “THE STREAM OF HOPE” I want to focus on this aspect, using the strength and openness of metaphorical language in my work.

The sculpture
The work consists of five figures that stand together, each an individual but also connected to the others, melting together by the ground. Four of them are standing erect; their faces turned upwards, their open arms stretched towards the sky. They reach and embrace the “Stream of Hope” that flows above their heads. They are acting together, all ensuring not to miss out and to lose the stream. The fourth figure is not only focusing its attention onto the stream but also onto the fifth figure that is in great danger to slip away. This fourth figure creates a strong reliable link, helping the struggling figure to connect, and reach the stream, too.

The sculpture “The Stream of Hope” is available for exhibitions addressing similar themes. Please get in touch with me!

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