Monika Wesselmann Art

Sculpture, Painting, Drawing


Monika Wesselmann

The focus of my artistic work is on sculpture and collage in combination with acrylic painting, as well as drawing. I sometimes work from the three-dimensional to the two-dimensional and vice versa. My works are figurative, and I play with grades of abstraction and reduction.

I am interested in the Conditio Humana; the expressiveness of body language and the variety of human interaction are inexhaustible sources of inspiration to me.
Throughout my work there is the desire and intention to understand and reveal what Constantin Brâncuși called ‘the essence of things’. I am not concerned with particular people and situations in my sculptural representations, as well as in my paintings, and there even often in the portraits (with few exceptions). Rather, I investigate ‘the human’, the ‘typical’, whereby my figures remain – fully intentionally – anonymous, yet somehow familiar appearing characters. Likewise, with regard to my paintings, I very rarely place my figures in real landscapes or interiors, I am much more interested in the essence of the space, so it can also seem almost empty or have surreal features.
My works are based on observation, impressions, and stories from the world around me. They explore humorous, satirical, appealing or provocative themes and talk about feelings, perceptions, struggles, and individual and social identity.

In my view, art should not need a lot of explanatory words, be approachable and encourage a closer look, allow for one’s own interpretation, and fuel fantasy. Viewers can find in my work a dialogue of the strange and the familiar at the same time. I give space to both, the experimental as well as the planned, embracing the tensions within the creation process and seeking the balance between the two qualities. But I never renounce aesthetics and beauty with my works.

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